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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Would homeless for a day!

         I was thinking about all the negative things in the world.  What really concerns me is the Homeless and what it's like to be homeless.  I wonder what reasons would cause a person to be homeless.  Bad luck, laziness or sheer giving up on life and all the things that you need in life to survive.  Maybe they lost their job and just never rebound from there.  Or maybe drug or alcohol led them to there plight. So many different reason that you just don't know why?  Once I was so fed up with working and having paid out 80% of my earning to live.  I felt why just give and go live in the mountains or beaches or even in the shelter.  But there was no way I could do that because I had responsibilites to my child and myself.  However it did briefing enter my thoughts. 
       I would like to dedicate one day to Homelessness.  Challenge everyone to do something that a homeless person has to do everyday. And if you aren't able to do that one thing.
Donate your time or $100.00 to a shelter. You need to document what you are going to do and send it to my blog site.
1.  Sleep outside in cold. (a entire night)
2.  Sleep in shelter.
3.  Eat from trash.
4.  Eat at Shelter
5.  Stay on streets from dawn to dusk.

Lets make Jan 24th that day!

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