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Saturday, September 15, 2012

9" Plates for my Fat lips

      Americans are pigs and we do things big. So it's time to STOP. We have a planet full of obese people that are completely spoiled. It's time to downside on our portions of food and fun. I am very,very over my
weight limit. I'm starting this blog to start changing my way of food consumption. I've decided to box up all my plates and use only 9" plates. Plus eating one helping and eating slowly, even if it means my food is getting cold. You should take at least 1+ min to chew a fork of food. The slower you eat the better your digestive system works. We are so busy stuffing food down our throat that we are not enjoying it. We are missing the favors and textures. And over stuffing our stomachs.

    I challenge you to drop your plate size and limit your food intake. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. Cut your meals in half and live longer. Not just changing your eating habits also get outside and move that body. For example, I had a mobility scooter that my mom was using and I began to use it as well and I was getting  addicted to it, and it was totally killing my will to be mobile. So I sold it and purchase my 3 wheeled bike. Which gives me exercise and makes me very happy. I feel so much better and I really want drop these pounds and feel better about myself. If you're in hit me back.

thanks for reading my blog.........FLO

    Hello my dear friends

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